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2023 High School Graduates are Challenged to Enter the NWC Scholarship Contest

By Jane Moore, Scholarship Program Director, with October 2020 help from Craig Johnson, mentor, Will O’Neil Award winner and NWC Scholarship Contest Chairman for 27 years

Some of the youngest members of our woodie family, NWC members’ children and grandchildren who are graduating from high school this spring, are invited to enter this year’s edition of the National Woodie Club Scholarship Contest.

A willingness to put time and energy into writing a 750 to 1,000 – word essay or composition on one of the woodie-related topics listed below, could be rewarded with financial assistance to help launch your pursuit of higher education. We encourage you to take this challenge.

The essay judged third will earn a $750 award, with second place receiving $1,000. The essay judged highest will be given a $1,500 scholarship! These scholarships are to be applied to purchase books and supplies the recipients need for classes in the college, trade or technical school of their choice.

This essay contest began as a tribute to two educators, early members of the National Woodie club who both happened to be librarians. Pat Langmeyer was responsible for founding what turned into the NWC Library, and Bill Dexter was a life-long woodie expert, co-founder and organizer of many woodie car events in the East.

Since the first years of the Scholarship Contest, the National Woodie Club has received continued support from our members and its chapters, who believe in our high school graduates and enjoy reading the insightful, reflective essays that have been published in the Woodie Times over the years.

Our scholarship recipients from past years have come to say “thank you” to all who have contributed time, energy and donations to the Contest.

Donations may be made by going to the “Donations” tab at, or by adding a donation to the new member’s membership or to a member’s renewal.

By the way, non-members can donate as well from the website where there is no need for a login.

Here are the rules:

  1. Entrants must be children or grandchildren of current NWC members who are graduating high school this year.

  2. One 750 to 1,000 – word essay must be selected from topics listed below. This essay should have interesting content, demonstrate thoughtful organization, and utilize excellent writing mechanics. Be sure to write a title that might draw attention to the topic.

  3. Pictures, charts, and graphs may be added to your essay. Any images must be jpegs or pdfs.

  4. Essays must be word processed with no name on any pages of your essay. The worksheet below must be complete and added as a last page without a page number.

  5. The essay page and the last information page must be emailed or mailed to me by 11:59 p.m., July 10, 2023. No late essays accepted. My addresses are:, or Jane Moore, 5200 Crystal Aire Drive, Mariposa, CA  95338, U.S.A.

  6. The following in the Information Page must be completed and emailed to me:
Information Page info:
Your first and last name; your home phone number; your home address; which prompt you chose; name of the post-secondary school you will attend; the course of study you will pursue (major, description); name of parent or grandparent who is sponsoring you; the phone number of the sponsoring person; the membership number of the sponsoring person; and the address of the sponsoring person.

Write a brief autobiography that may be printed in the Woodie Times with your essay.


Your essay will be scored on how correct and interesting your essay is and how any images relate to content. Images are not required. Choose one prompt from the following:


  1. The first line of your story is, “I am Joe’s woodie.” Be sure to include Joe’s feelings. What does he like and not like? What is s/he afraid of? Does Joe have a sense of humor?

  2. What could the NWC do to better involve young people in the woodie hobby and join the Club?

  3. Explain the difference between a stock and modified woodie. Be very specific. How do you determine whether a stock woodie should be modified?

  4. Select one make or model of woodie, research it, and write a report on its history.

  5. How would you describe your family’s involvement with woodies and the National Woodie Club to a new college friend?

  6. Why and how did the beach culture of the 1960s adopt the woodie?

  7. Describe what makes woodies such special or unique vehicles. Be specific. Probably this will take some comparisons with other old cars.


NWC members, now it is up to you to motivate your offspring to put together an essay that you, your English and math teachers (math involves logic, organizing, predicting, etc.), and anybody else would be proud to read. Remember that the winning essays will be published in the Woodie Times.

Please feel free to email any questions to:

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