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What you need to know about the 2022 NWC Scholarship Program

Do you ever wonder why woodies are so fascinating? Do you ever wonder why you must have one and why others just don’t see the appeal? Do you ever wonder how long the National Woodie Club will survive without new, younger members? Do you wonder why your children or grandchildren do not seem to be interested in this classic car that had such an impact on American culture and history? And did you ever wonder how Craig Johnson, the founder of the Scholarship Program, had high school seniors thinking about woodie shows. I guess he knew how much the National Woodie Club could help kids in their post high school educational endeavors, whether university, technical schools, or career schools. And I guess he knew that 2022 seniors today may become National Woodie Club members in the future.

So, are you wondering how the 2022 Scholarship Program contest works?

The children and grandchildren of a National Woodie Club member who are a 2022 graduating senior are invited, even encouraged, to enter the Scholarship Program. Entrants write a 300 to 500-word essay on one of the woodie-related topics listed at the end of this article. The essays are scored based on content and style by Woodie Club members across the country. Winners are rewarded financially to help their pursuit of higher education.

The author of the first-place essay will receive $1,500. The author of the second-place essay will receive $1,000, and the third-place winner $750. These scholarships are to be applied to purchasing books and supplies the recipients need for classes in the college, trade, or technical school of their choice. In addition, Scholarship winners will receive a framed certificate and their essays will be printed in the Woodies Times. Also, at a recent NWC Board meeting, the Board voted to honor the 2021 recipients further by providing each of the winners a free one-year digital membership to the National Woodie Club, which includes a digital subscription to the Woodie Times. Future award money depends on donations from the NWC membership. Please contribute if you can by clicking on the Donations-page button found on the red menu bar.

Here are the rules:
1) Entrants must be the children or grandchildren of current NWC members, who are graduating from high school by the end of this semester.
2) One 300- to 500-word essay must be selected and developed from the several topics listed below. This essay should have interesting content, demonstrate thoughtful organization, and utilize excellent mechanics such as correct grammar and spelling. High-resolution photos may be part of your essay. Please title your essay, but do not write your name or any other identifying marks on your essay.
3) On a separate sheet of paper, write your name, home address, cell phone number, and where you will be attending college, university, or trade school this fall. Also, write address, and any other thing that will help us get in touch with you at the end of summer.
4) Essays must be word processed and proofread. A printed copy of your essay, with the information sheet stapled to the back, must be snail-mailed to me by the date given to you in the March 2022 Woodie Times Scholarship article.
5) Your essay should not include any form of your identity. Put all identifying information listed below on a separate piece of paper and send it with our essay. That information should include:

  • Your name
  • Contact phone number of home and/or school
  • Contact address of home and/or school
  • Which number topic did you choose?
  • The name of the post-secondary school you will attend and the course of study you will pursue after high school.
  • The name of your sponsoring parent or grandparent.
  • The NWC membership number of your sponsoring parent or grandparent.
  • The phone number of your sponsoring parent or grandparent.
  • The address of your sponsoring parent or grandparent.

Snail Mail your essay and information sheet to:
Jane Moore
5200 Crystal Aire Drive
Mariposa, CA 95338

NWC members, it is up to you to motivate your graduating offspring to pick a topic and write an essay. Now is the time to talk about why you have an interest in woodies and why it is so great to be a National Woodie Club and a local chapter member. You might even talk about the different topics related to your experiences. Now is the time to tell your senior how proud you are that she or he is continuing her or his education, whether in college or career school.

Essay Prompts (choose one):

1) Present the factors that should be considered in deciding whether a particular woodie should be modified or restored to factory original. Be very specific on how you would decide. Interviewing the owners of both at a show and/or photos would make good supporting evidence.
2) Predict or speculate on the status and significance of the wooden car in the year 2050. Will there still be a Woodie Club? Will it be any different than today? Explain.
3) Use “I am Joe’s Woodie” as the first sentence or last sentence of a story that presents the woodie’s view of life.
4) Trace the evolution of woodie automobiles from 1929 to 1953.Why did most woodies stop being made by 1953?
5) What can the National Woodie Club do to spark excitement in young people to want to become members? Be specific. Think of friends that have not grown up in a woodie family. What does the NWC need to do to interest these friends enough to want to become a member?

Please feel free to email me, Jane Moore, the Scholarship Program Director, at if you have questions or need clarification.

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